I'm Devi Acharya--a current PhD student in Computational Media at the Expressive Intelligence Studio, University of California - Santa Cruz. My work focuses on interactive narrative and how we can help people tell stories together.



Developer/Designer, Warmer

A browser-based game about climate change and human impacts on the environment. An NSF-funded project @ UCSC.


Lead Artist, Fusion Galaxy

A mobile game about collecting and crafting elements together to discover the universe.

Trailer | Download

Other Games

UI Artist, Red Survivor

A survival strategy PC game, where you gather resources to survive against killer robots in a war-torn Russia. Made with a team at Mustachio Games. Shown at Boston Festival of Indie Games, 2014. Trailer | Download

Writer, Last Night on Planet Earth

A visual novel by Dejobaan Games about a salsa-dancing alien and the end of the world.

Writer, interactive fiction games

Authored and co-authored several interactive fiction games, including The Abyss--a surreal exploration of the mind--and The Ark--a puzzle game set aboard a derelict spaceship.