Lost Machine

9 Merc – We have come into possession of a strange device, one unlike any of the others we have found before. Like much of the other Old World machines, it can be powered by our Sources, and contains some shared same symbols and runes that can be found on the other Old World artifacts. As with the others, I have been tasked with understanding how to make it work.

15 Merc – After some further investigation, I have found a way to interact with a machine in a way that seems meaningful, though I am not sure yet what it is for. My project deciphering the runes has proved useful; as I referenced my old notes, I came upon much that seems familiar. The device now seems to be asking me for something – but what?

21 Merc – At last, a breakthrough! The machine seems to take a command that is understood, then delivers in kind a message made of other runes from the Old World. The command is RUN. Upon entering that, a strange image is displayed, unpredictable and yet I cannot help but a certain meaning may be divined from its strokes…

28 Merc – After studying the images further, I have confirmed to the best of my ability that then indeed have meaning that can be gleaned. I have marked on the back of these pages the markings from the machine that I believe are most significant. It appears to be a map of the territory, with most of the markings corresponding in some degree to our own world maps. How it performs these feats I know not, and yet I hope that this power can be used for the benefit of our people.

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