I'm Devi Acharya—a game developer and researcher currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Computational Media at the University of California - Santa Cruz. My work focuses on interactive narrative and emergent storytelling in games and other forms of interactive media.

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Interactivity Editor, sub-Q Magazine

An online magazine for interactive fiction, particularly in the areas of science fiction / fantasy / horror. I work to review pieces for publication and help authors polish their work, as well as conducting author interviews. 

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Lead Artist, Fusion Galaxy

A mobile game made with the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute about collecting elements and crafting the universe.

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Assistant to the Curator, On Equal Terms

Worked with researcher and author Susan Eisenberg on a multimedia online exhibition about women in the construction trades. Worked on putting together the website, recording audio, and editing video for this project as part of the Women's Studies Research Center.

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Research Experience for Undergraduates, Iowa State University

I worked with a team at ISU studying spatial updating in virtual reality. We created several VR environments using Unity and the HTC Vive, and ran participants through a series of triangle completion tests in these environments, studying how well they were able to navigate and orient themselves when physically walking and turning in the environment versus using the controller for movement. 

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Schiff Fellowship, Brandeis University

I led a team of undergraduate researchers at Brandeis University studying the effects of different virtual reality environments on EEG scans, using the HTC Vive and Museband EEG reader. We devised a study and created several virtual reality environments for testing. 

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Developer, Light & Shadow

A mod for open source game Terasology, creating a capture the flag game mode as part of Google Summer of Code.

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UI Artist, Red Survivor

A survival strategy game for desktop involving killer robots in a war-torn Russia. Made with a team at Mustachio Games. 

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Author, The Abyss

An interactive fiction game about identity and control in a surreal and twisted world of the mind.

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"Dusk to Dawn" and "Genhance" 

Short animated films created in After Effects and Photoshop. "Dusk to Dawn" is a teaser trailer for a steampunk / fantasy-themed show, and "Genhance" is a satiric video promoting genetic enhancement.

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Maker, CircuiTree

An art installation featuring a metal tree-shaped sculpture set on a pedestal connected to an Arduino with a heartbeat sensor and speakers. Lights flash and speakers emit sound in time to the viewer's heartbeat.

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Writer, Last Night on Planet Earth

A visual novel by Dejobaan Games about a salsa-dancing alien and the end of the world. 

Developer, Daedalus

Created for Twine Games Jam, Daedalus is a Unity game with Twine integration about trying to fly to freedom.

Designer, Lucid

Made with a team at Glowlime Games, Lucid is a narrative game about disappearances and the Nightmares that cause them. 

Co-Author, The Ark

An interactive fiction puzzle game set in an abandoned spacecraft. Explore the ship to find a way out, and to discover what became of those who were here before.

Director of Photography, CET Study Abroad

Created a short film as a three-person team as part of my study abroad program in Prague, Czechia. The film is about a boy whose dog is hit by a car, and his plan for revenge against the car's driver.

Developer, Tesnov Rendering

A 3D rendering of legal graffiti site Tesnov in Prague, Czechia. Created in Unity, this rendering lets you explore some of the images on site as they were at the time.

Avenues of Activism and Between Two Worlds, Missouri History Museum

Research and created exhibits with a team as part of the Teens Make History program at the Missouri History Museum. Between Two Worlds was a physical installation about veterans' transition back to life in St. Louis, featuring recorded oral histories and artifacts from the veterans. Avenues of Activism was an online series of oral histories from St. Louis activists.