I'm Devi Acharya--a current PhD student in Computational Media at the Expressive Intelligence Studio, University of California - Santa Cruz. My work focuses on interactive narrative and how we can help people tell stories together.

Research Projects


Story Improvisation in Tabletop Roleplaying Games: Towards a Computational Assistant for Game Masters

Devi Acharya, Michael Mateas, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Conference on Games, 2021

Tabletop Roleplaying Games as Procedural Content Generators

Matthew Guzdial, Devi Acharya, Max Kreminski, Michael Cook, Mirjam Eladhari, Antonios Liapis, Anne Sullivan

International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games, 2020

Spatial cognitive implications of teleporting through virtual environments

Lucia A Cherep, Alex F Lim, Jonathan W Kelly, Devi Acharya, Alfredo Velasco, Emanuel Bustamante, Alec G Ostrander, and Stephen B Gilbert

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 2020

2019 Raymond S. Nickerson Award for best paper

Cozy mystery construction kit: Prototyping toward an AI-assisted collaborative storytelling mystery game

Max Kreminski, Devi Acharya, Nick Junius, Elisabeth Oliver, Kate Compton, Melanie Dickinson, Cyril Focht, Stacey Mason, Stella Mazeika, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Procedural Generation Workshop @ Foundations of Digital Games, 2019

Building worlds together: understanding collaborative co-creation of game worlds

Devi Acharya and Noah Wardrip-Fruin

International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games, 2019