Student-Scholar Partner, Women's Studies Research Center

I am working with resident scholar Susan Eisenberg to help create a multimedia virtual exhibit on tradeswomen called "On Equal Terms." The exhibit will feature different interactive rooms with oral histories, image galleries, legal documents, and videos detailing the experiences of tradeswomen in the fight for workplace equality and the progress that still must be made.

Researcher and Developer, "Inducing relaxation using neurofeedback-modulated virtual reality environments"

With the support of Brandeis University's Schiff Fellowship I am leading a year-long research project on how virtual reality environments and EEG neurofeedback (collected with Museband) can help induce relaxation. For this I created one relaxing and one high-activity virtual reality environment in Unity. Participants will experience both environments and report on their relaxation levels at regular intervals. We can then compare users' self-reported relaxation levels with their EEG readings from that period of time to create a machine learning algorithm that can detect personal relaxation levels and let the user have more insight into their own neural activity, provididing neurofeedback to help people to relax.

Developer, "Follow the Music," Brandeis Capstone

For Brandeis University's Computer Science Capstone class, I worked with a team of four to develop Follow The Music, an app for connecting musicians and music lovers through spontaneous musical meet-ups. We worked through the semester to create our own full-stack web app, using Ruby on Rails, where users can add upcoming jam sessions, recordings of their music, and connect with other musicians and music enthusiasts in their area.

Researcher and Developer, Iowa State Research Experience for Undergraduates

I worked with a team at Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Application Center to design and develop an experiment to test spatial updating in virtual reality navgation. We created different VR navigation interfaces and environments (using Unity and the HTC Vive) and ran participants through tests to see how well they were able to navigate in virtual space. This resulted in a paper and poster writeup we presented at the end of the summer, as well as follow-up experiments and conference presentations.

Interactivity Editor, sub-Q Magazine

sub-Q is a literary magazine for interactive fiction. Interactive fiction combines traditional storytelling with the player agency afforded in video games to create stories where you, the reader, can make choices and shape the world around you. sub-Q publishes speculative fiction IF with a focus on the strange and the powerful, from established IF authors and those breaking into the genre.

As part of sub-Q I mainly work on managing submissions, working to evalute stories and publish them on our website. I also interview authors and others working at the intersection of tech and storytelling.

Filmmaker, CET Study Abroad in Prague, CZ

I studied abroard in Prague during my junior year, Spring 2017. As part of the film school at FAMU I worked with a group of two other students to create a short film from concept to final product. This included writing and editing our script, casting real actors, filming on 16mm film, and post-production editing and color correction, as well as classes in film theory and production.

As Director of Photography, I created the storyboard for our film, determined much of the visual directon for our film, and was in charge of the camera on set.

Writer, Dejobaan Games

Last Night on Planet Earth is a narrative RPG about a salsa-dancing alien faced with the end of the world.

I worked with Dejobaan Games writing and developing characters and content for the game. This involved writing dialog and situations based in the Boston area, and developing character concepts for the game.

Lead Artist, MassDiGI

Travel through space, collect elements, and combine them together to discover the secret to making life itself! Fusion Galaxy is a combination collecting and crafting game made during the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute's Summer Innovation Program.

I collaborated with a team of 7 to develop Fusion Galaxy from concept to release. As lead artist, I worked on creating a comprehensive art bible and design documents, created assets and trailer, and managed team’s artists.

Animator, Genhance

Genhance is a short science fiction piece that serves as both satire and warning. I created this short film using Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere to speculate and provide commentary on a future of genetic enhancement.

Artist, Mustachio Games

Red Survivor, brought to you by Mustachio Games, puts you in control of survivors in war-torn Russia pitted against a murderous robotic threat. Manage your resources. Survive for as long as you can. Good luck, comrade.

I worked on art and UI for Red Survivor, jumping onto the project later in development and working until release.

Animator, Dusk to Dawn

Dusk to Dawn is a short animated opening for an imaginary TV series about day and night, inventors and lamplighters. Made in Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere.

Other works

Maker-in-Residence, King Solomon's Mines

: 3D printing for a collaborative exhibit featured at the Rose Art Museum

Developer, Daedalus

: a Unity / Twine game for the Twine Games Jam, based on the story of Daedalus and Icarus

Designer, Pantheon

: a tabletop game about being the best god

Designer, Skyfinder RPG

: a space-themed RPG ruleset influenced by Pathfinder and Sunless Sea

Web Designer, MIT Hacking Arts

: a conference, expo, and hackathon about uniting tech and art to make great things

Designer, Lucid

: a narrative mobile game about Nightmares. Made with a team at Glowlime Games

Developer, Tesnov

: 3D rendering of graffiti site in Prague. DSLR photography, modeled in Blender, programmed in Unity

Author, The Abyss

: An interactive fiction piece about identity and control

Author, Petition to Remove...

: a fictional satire about letters and language. Published in The Subtopian

Video Editor, Arco

: Trailer editing and animation for a game about a shadowy dragon protecting her eggs

3D Modeler, LBSR Lab

: Creating 3D models for experiments on visualizing natural language processing

Artist, Eternal Flopnation

: A game about a fish trying to jump up waterfalls and reach the surface of his world

Writer, NaNoWriMo

: A yearly challenge to start and finish a novel in a month

Co-author, The Ark

: An interactive fiction puzzle game that takes place in an abandoned spacecraft

Exhibitor, Avenues of Activism

: Video interviews with St. Louis activists working for civil, labor, and LGBT rights

Exhibitor, Between Two Worlds

: A museum exhibit on veterans' experiences returning home